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Natalie and Donnell's Canadian Musical Journey

Natalie and Donnell's Canadian Musical Journey

Hello Big Beautiful World!!

Are you all over the map, flip flopping with emotion, days of positivity, days of negativity, constantly adjusting your frame of mind and perspective? Me too! There are certain triggers though that definitely bring on an overwhelming sense of gratitude. This year, for obvious reasons, Donnell and I have decided to make music virtually to honour the country and spread some fiddle out into the world!! We have really appreciated being able to perform for you in this way previously and are so thankful for the opportunity. 

We are every bit as excited about our Canadian Musical Journey show! We’re doing this one outdoors, on a beautiful property with our 7 children, taking you on a musical journey across the country with stops in PEI and Manitoba for some special guest performances!! And for us, possibly the best part is reuniting with some of our band who will join us IN PERSON!! Oh my gosh could this be true?? People!!! 

Being so aware of who you are and where you come from is very important for our internal compass. Canada has provided Donnell and I and the generations before us with opportunity and freedom. The older I get, the more valuable I recognize these to be. Let’s hope that kind of beauty never changes. So thank you Canada from our family for an incredible life lived with tradition, culture, music, faith and love.

Join us July 1st for our Canadian Musical Journey!!! Event details and link to purchase ticket are just below and can also be found on our socials!

Purchase Tickets to the Canadian Musical Journey Here!

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Joyce Lemke calendar_today

I love and follow you on facebook! My son Carl was and still is a fan of you and your family. We lived in Peterborough for many years and Carl was a visitor at your parents home (Donnell) a number of times and greatly admired your talented family. Carl lives in Wisconsin, has a beautiful wife, Lucinda, and they have 7 children and now have 4 grandchildren.
We miss them so much since Covid19 but we pray that this will soon end – they all have dual citizenship but would have to be quarantined to visit. Keep up the great entertainment and God Bless, Joyce

Stephen Wallace calendar_today

Enjoy your Canada Day

George MacDonald calendar_today

Will JJ Chaisson be part of the Pei gig.

Ethel Clark calendar_today

So excited to be a part of this. You are my beautiful family.

Wilma Menzies & Hal Higgins calendar_today

Thank you all SO much for sharing your music with us during this Covid period (hoping it is coming to an end!). We have loved it all & plan to get tickets for your Canada Day party! Bless your hearts. We’ll be there! – Greetings from Marion Bridge

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